Kids’ Lit Quiz 2016

‘Shakespeare’s Dentures’ win the coveted ‘Killen Cup’ at the 2016 Kids’ Literature Quiz!

Lagan College’s annual Kids’ Literature Quiz took place on Thursday 10th November in our impressive school library.

Heats began on Thursday 29th September and each week Mrs Knipe and Mrs Halligan quizzed Year 8 and 9 teams on their knowledge of literature. The teams this year were particularly competitive and supporters came in their droves to spur on the tenacious teams.

Unfortunately, only four teams could progress through to the Lagan College final and the talented teams consisted of pupils from 8CHN, 8CV, 8DM, 8FG, 8FS, 9MY and 9PRV. Needless to say, the pressure was on as 9MY and 9PRV did not want their pride bashed by Year 8! The team names were, as always, very ‘unique’! In the Year 8 corner, we had ‘Pokemon Power’ and ‘yoloswag’ and in the Year 9 corner, ‘Lit or Miss’ and ‘Shakespeare’s Dentures’.

Pupils were tested on their knowledge of everything from ‘The Hunger Games’ and Greek mythology to popular fairytales and nursery rhymes. Pupils were asked thirty questions and the final round proved very tense as teams were closing in on each other and competition was fierce. In first place were ‘Shakespeare’s Dentures’ from 9MY and 9PRV, who were thrilled to win the coveted ‘Killen Cup’. They also won vouchers for Waterstones and progressed through to the Northern Ireland final in Wellington College on Tuesday 29th November, where they were placed an impressive 8th out of 23 teams – a fantastic effort!
Worthy runners-up were ‘Lit or Miss’ from 9PRV, who were also presented with book vouchers.

This was, yet again, another thrilling year for The Kids’ Literature Quiz and I have no doubt that the participating teams thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Most importantly, pupils celebrated their love of literature and embraced their passion for books. Well done, one and all!

Mrs Halligan