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Joshua Beats 5,500 for Film Role!

After having to keep quiet about it for a while, Joshua Smyth can now reveal his part alongside Liam Neeson, Bronagh Waugh and Suranne Jones in A Christmas Star. 


The ‘unique, educational and cultural film’ will be screened by BBCNI and UTV simultaneously at Christmas 2015.

Cinemagic Chief Executive, Joan Burney Keatings, MBE said: “Our Christmas feature film will bring young people from different cultural backgrounds together, and representatives from the worlds of film, television and music will collaborate to celebrate creativity and highlight the importance of developing young people’s skills and offering them unique film and television related opportunities.

“The industry professionals will mentor the young cast and crew throughout the film production process from script to screen, giving invaluable insights to the world of filmmaking across various film disciplines ranging from directing, acting and production to script editing, film composition, and costume/makeup.

“The young people will finish the project with a wealth of skills, experience, and, most importantly, their first credit on a feature film.”

The film will shoot over three weeks around Belfast and Glenarm, and we can’t wait to see Joshua in it!


EU Mock Council

Stormont Parliament Buildings, 10th October 2014

Ever wondered what happens in the European Parliament?  An intrepid team of four Year 13 European Studies students got the chance to find out when they attended a Mock EU Council debate at Stormont.  28 schools were representing the countries of the EU and Lagan College had the honour to voice the interests of Denmark.

There were two debates: EU foreign Policy and Youth unemployment in the EU.

eu_council_1Sacha O’Prey, our foreign policy expert, argued that Denmark – a world leader in green energy – should stop buying Russian oil and gas. This would send a strong message to Russia and wuld be much better than more sanctions.  Denmark was also happy to welcome Turkey into the EU.


Emma, our youth policy expert, made the excellent point that there are approximately 2 million job vacancies across the European Union – surely we must promote mobility across Europe to get the unemployed into these jobs.  Denmark (through Emma) also pointed out that it has free, quality university education and a low youth employment rate as a result.

Our representatives said this…

eu_council2“It was an incredible experience that gave me a real insight into the role of politics and being the youth policy speaker allowed me to interact and debate with other schools on an issue that I believe is very important. I really enjoyed the whole day.” Emma Carville


“Debating about Foreign Policy in Stormont was a new and exciting experience for me. I met loads of new people who all had a common interest in European Politics, and I also learnt a lot.” – Sacha O’Prey

“Participating in the Mock EU Council at Stormont was an amazing experience! I got an insight into how the EU Council works and how relevant they are to us here in Northern Ireland. I really enjoyed the political debate – in a way, it has encouraged me to be more interested and involved in politics because I found it liberating and actually very fun putting across my own views and opinions.  :) :)” Jodi-Lee Burns

Thanks to all the Year 13 European Studies students for preparing so well for this event and particular thanks to our four representatives that gave such a strong account of themselves.

Mr P. Mulholland


Kids Lit Quiz – Heat Schedule

Thursday 2nd Oct:
Lagan Ladies (9EL)
Lagan Bookworms (8MRG)
The Beautiful Brainiacs (8QN)
Spaghetti Sauce Survivors (9MJR)
Monday 6th Oct:
Crazy Teddies (9EL)
Team (9MJR)
The Lit Kids (8QN)
Thurs 9th Oct:
Donuts of Justice (8MRG)
The Swagsters (9EL)
Eggs and Bacon (8QN)
Laganaiti (9MJR)
Book Marks (8KDY)
Mon 13th Oct:
The Fabulous Four (8MRG)
The Illuminites (9BKT)
The Watermelons (9JS)
The Double A, Double K (8CNL)
Thurs 16th Oct:
The Lamp Posts (9JS)
Watermelon Buzz (8CNL)
Dumbledore’s Army (9SH)
Smarties (8NB)
Monday 20th Oct:
Stephen, Ryan etc (8KDY)
The Cabbages (8KDY)
The Johnny Bears (9SH)
Haha, we won (9SH)

Thursday 23rd Oct:
Semi- Final.
Top five winning teams, plus the top runner up = 6
Four go through to the final

Thursday 6th November: FINAL in the library

Thursday 13th November: NI Final in Wellington College.


Miss Poland


Lagan College students interview BBC Director General (Video)

Carter and Amy, together with Rhys on camera interview BBC Director General Tony Hall at a Gala event for BBC Northern Ireland’s 90th Anniversary. Tony was asked to head the BBC during its recent period of crises and thinks he has the best job in broadcasting.


Gaa Kit Available For Purchase

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

With the recent improvement in sporting facilities in the College, we are now able to provide greater opportunities for the development of Gaelic games.  For the first time in the school’s history, we have entered 5 year groups in Ulster Colleges’ competitions.

To mark this occasion and for a limited time only, we are offering students and staff the opportunity to purchase a Lagan College GAA jersey.  Please note, this jersey will not be accepted as part of the current Physical Education/Games kit and, therefore, must not be worn during this time.

Please see the attached order form (link at bottom of page), which must be completed and returned, with full payment, to Mr Gardner (F21) or Mr McAfee (F32) by Wednesday 22 October 2014.

Sample jerseys can be viewed in Mrs Quigg’s room (G18) to ensure the correct size is provided on the order form. Unfortunately, once the order has been processed there will be no opportunity to receive a refund or exchange.

Interested alumni may bring a completed order form along with payment (we can only accept cash unfortunately) to the main office, before Wednesday 22nd October.

Thank you for your continuing support for sport in Lagan College.

Yours faithfully

Mr C Gardner


Order Form – Click Here


Lagan College Wins First Ever GAA Match

In the latest ‘first’ for Lagan College, we were not only the first integrated school ever to enter the Ulster Colleges Championsip – we’re also the first integrated school to win in the competition! 

The team defeated CBS 2-6 to 0-0 (12 – nil if you’re unsure!).

Well done to Mr Gardner, Mr McAfee and the team!


Integrated GAA Pioneers!

A great article on the Lagan College GAA teams features on the front page of today’s Irish News – also featuring an interview with Mr McAfee!

( )

A PIONEERING school that began educating Catholic and Protestant children side-by-side at the height of the Troubles is to enter major GAA tournaments for the first time.
After 33 years providing integrated schooling, Lagan College in south Belfast is preparing to take to the field in an Ulster Colleges competition.
Integrated education supporters hope this will help dispel myths that the sector is ‘neutral’ and instead show how schools embrace all cultures equally.
Gaelic games have been played on and off over the years since Lagan first opened in 1981, with no permanent home, at Ardnavalley Scout Centre.
The school in the Castlereagh hills has flourished after a difficult start when it faced fierce opposition, financial difficulties and threats to its existence.
Although Gaelic games were on the physical education curriculum for years, only a limited amount of time was devoted to the sports.
The school previously had an All-Ireland winning captain on its staff. DJ Kane, who lifted the Sam Maguire in 1994, was a PE teacher there in the 1990s.
This year marks the first time that an integrated school will take part in multiple Ulster Colleges competitions, starting with the Faul Cup.
New red, black and yellow GAA kits have also been unveiled by the school.
Teacher Aodhan McAfee said interest in Gaelic games is increasing every week and the school is now in a position to field teams across five different year groups.
A new GAA pitch at the school, he said, had helped Gaelic football thrive.
“Gaelic games used to be an extra curricular activity but we wanted it to be more than just extra curricular filler,” Mr McAfee said.
“We took a gamble and started a team in Year 8 to see if we could get the numbers.
“It has now grown to having five teams who are going to play in the elite Ulster Colleges. It has become a massive success.
“We have players from Protestant and Catholic backgrounds, some who maybe were soccer players and thought they would give it a go. The hope is to make it a successful Gaelic games club.”
Sean McGourty of Ulster Colleges welcomed the addition of Lagan and said any similar school wishing to enter elite competition, or simply start playing Gaelic games, would receive support.
“The school crosses both cultures and has been playing soccer. It is only now that we are scratching at the surface. The gospel is beginning to spread,” he said.
“It is the ethos of those schools. If they are already playing soccer the onus is on them to look at Gaelic games.
“If there are pupils at those schools who have an interest in Gaelic games, it is only right that they are afforded the opportunity to play.”




World Challenge 2014

In July nine Lagan College students spent a month on expedition to Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam, a mixing pot of diverse cultures and environments. From lush deep jungles, ancient temples and fascinating history to soaring mountains, to bustling cities and stunning coastlines were found on this fantastic expedition to South East Asia. 

Recruiting for Mexico 2016!

A World Challenge Parents information evening is scheduled for Tuesday 21st October, 18:30-20:00 in the multi-purpose hall. Please feel free to attend this meeting if you would like more information on the expedition to Mexico in July 2016.