Government & Politics

Government and Politics is offered as an A Level subject in Lagan College. Studying Politics will enable you to understand how the political system works at local, UK, US and global levels. Topics covered in the study of Politics include Northern Ireland Politics, The UK Government and, at A2, the American political system and Theories of Power.

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You will be encouraged to develop your skills in critical and analytical thinking, notemaking, research, oral and presentation skills, all of which will be essential to you whether you decide to go into Higher Education or into a career after A Levels. We hope to give you the opportunity to attend lectures given by respected academics. We also plan educational visits to the NI Assembly at Stormont where you can meet local politicians and to the Houses of Parliament at Westminster. We periodically attend other political events and debates.

Students often tell us how studying Politics has helped them to prepare for Higher Education and beyond. It is a subject that is regarded as ideal preparation for third level studies in many subjects. Politics is particularly useful if you are considering a career in Law, Business/Retail Management, the Media or Civil Service but is also highly valued by a vast array of prospective employers.

Here is an extract from a letter from a former student of politics:
“The feedback I have received from university, from work experience in the City and now from potential employers is that Politics is a highly regarded A Level. It is considered a particularly good base for Law as it requires the same level of effort and commitment, the ability to think in a similar way and the ability to assimilate and organise information in order to build rational arguments, as well as to be critical and rational when dealing with either evidence or information.”