“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela


“There can be no doubt that the UK needs more of its people to speak foreign languages – for employability, for trade and the economy, and for our cultural life.”

John Worne, Director of Strategy, British Council


Who we are

In Lagan College we offer the chance to learn French, Spanish and Irish.  We have also introduced the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese through our partnership with Grosvenor Grammar school and Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock.

The Languages department is an experienced and enthusiastic team who love language and are dedicated to sharing this love in vibrant and interactive lessons.

In Year 8 all students learn Irish and either French or Spanish. They must continue with at least one language up to the end of KS3.

We offer all three languages to GCSE and A level.

We encourage our students to experience the culture of the country whose language they are learning by inspired use of the Internet and online classroom activities. But we also offer them the chance to visit the target countries through language-based trips.

See photos from our recent trips:

Nice 2014


Through learning a language we believe that students can learn about diversity which is the lynchpin of Lagan’s ethos. We celebrate the cultures and languages spoken by our many students who come from other countries, particularly on European Day of Languages which is marked every year in the College on 26th September.

Photo of European Day of Languages.

Check out our Languages Newsletter, Lingo, where you will find articles on all that is happening in the Department as well as Career advice, fun factoids and puzzles.

See below for links to useful websites which will enhance students’ language learning experience:



Careers and Languages

Employers are crying out for speakers of foreign languages. Our increasingly global market place means that UK and Irish companies are having to look outside our borders to meet their employment needs.

We in Lagan College Modern Languages Department have embraced the challenge to prepare our students for this global market place. In April 2014 Miss A Bell, the Head of Modern Languages did a placement at Citibank in the Titanic Quarter and met numerous employees there whose language abilities had landed them secure and lucrative jobs.

Some of the employees at Citibank who use languages everyday trading on the stock market.

In November 2014 we are participating in a STEML event (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Languages) to alert our Year 9s and 10s to the necessity for these skills in today’s job market.

Language jobs advertised recently:

Latest jobs

Useful booklet about Careers with Irish available from this link: www.gradireland.com/career-sectors/languages-and-culture

Below are links to video clips:

www.languageswork.org.uk/: Gateway to Careers with Languages

http://www.langkuageswork.org.uk/resources/activities/activities_video_resource.aspx: Workshop showing students the importance of languages in business.

http://www.ciltcymru.org.uk/languages-with-other-careers-2/: Lots of video clips of languages as work


Case Studies:


Occupations where Languages ae useful