At Lagan College we aim to challenge and encourage students to succeed in their Mathematics. However, we also try to make it fun and interesting too. The Maths department uses the latest technology and methods to bring the teaching and learning of Maths to life. These include the MyMaths website and the Lagan College Maths Weebly Website.

The MyMaths website allows students to work through the lessons again at their own pace which encourages independent learning. Students are also given online homeworks via MyMaths.

Each year group has a You Tube Scheme of Work which helps students understand the topics. If a student has a difficulty or wishes to revise a specific aspect they can go online and watch helpful videos.

Homework and assessment are very important to enable students to perform at their best. Staff set high expectations and track student’s results through the years and always aim to place a student in a class of appropriate level.

We start building upon the Maths knowledge and skills they have developed throughout primary school. Year 8-10 are important years when students begin looking at topics that will be of great value to them during the GCSE years.

During Years 11 and 12 every student is entered for CCEA GCSE Mathematics. Very able mathematicians are also selected to study CCEA GCSE Further Maths.

Every year a class of high achieving students embark on the 2 year Edexcel A Level in Mathematics. This course includes Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. Students who have studied A Level Maths usually go on to study a variety of courses at University including different Engineering courses, Financial, Computing, Medical and Scientific degrees.