Moving Image Arts

Moving Image Arts (MIA) was introduced as a new A Level to Lagan College in September 2008. It is also taught through the Art and Design Department and is very much a creative subject, but a creative subject using digital video and animation! So if students aspire to being the next Danny Boyle or Nick Park rather than Damian Hirst or Tracey Emin, then this is the subject for them. The students study key film makers, genres and film making techniques before creating their own short films. As the course is a vocational A Level students must follow professional practice throughout, undertaking responsibility for all pre-production, production and post production processes.

They also have an end of year exam, conducted online, in a computer suite. Students are shown unseen moving image clips and are required to answer a question relating to each of the clips. The moving image clips are in the form of both live action film and animation. The student films have been exciting, entertaining and in some cases truly innovative; all that and they managed to earn the students excellent grades too. In last years GCE exams, Year 14 pupil, Ryan Hollinger achieved the accolade of top student in CCEA Moving Image Arts and has gone on to study film at Queen’s University, Belfast.