Integrated Ethos


The College Mission Statement

“To educate to the highest standards
the daughters and sons of Catholics,
Protestants and others of goodwill,
of all abilities, together.”

The College Motto

Ut Sint Unum (That they may be one, John 17:22)
As members of a Christian School founded in the spirit of Christ’s prayer ‘that they may be one’, Parents, Teachers, Chaplains, Governors and Friends of Lagan College agree:

to co-operate in the education of their children;
to do together all that they can;
to do apart only those things which they may not do together;
to support each other in cherishing their different traditions
for the enrichment of the life of their community,
and to welcome all who wish to share in this work.

They declare that this commitment in no way weakens any ties and responsibilities which they may have to different churches.

Core Values

Respect | Reconciliation | Equality | Service

“Across the school, there is a clear commitment to the integrated ethos, based on the principles of equality, respect, reconciliation and service to others. The working relationships between the staff and the pupils are positive and the pupils are friendly and courteous”
ETI Inspection 2013

Aims of Lagan College

Founded in 1981 with 28 students, Lagan College was Northern Ireland’s first planned integrated school. Today, there are 1,262 students. The College is the flagship of integrated education. The central aim of Governors, Principal and staff is to educate together to the highest standards Catholics, Protestants and those of other religious beliefs or none. The College is a Christian school for the whole family which is open to boys and girls of all abilities. It is a day school for students aged 11-18 which is grounded in two central beliefs: firstly, that it is both permissible and desirable for Catholics and Protestants and others to be educated together under the same roof; and secondly, that it is unnecessary and damaging to the community for children of the same family to be labelled as ‘successes’ or ‘failures’ at the age of eleven and educated apart in segregated schools.

Learning Paced Classrooms

Our 200 Year 8 students are placed in one of eight ‘learning paced’ Form classes, to suit their individual level of academic ability. We have high expectations of all the children in our care and challenge our students to achieve their full potential at Lagan College.

Grammar Stream Entry

35% of our annual intake of students is selected on the basis of academic ability (70 places.) These students are selected as if they were applying to a grammar school. Students will have the same academic opportunities afforded to them as in any grammar school. Details are explained in our College’s Admissions Policy and criteria.

All Ability Entry

65% of our annual intake of students enter without any reference to their academic ability (130 places.) The details are explained in the College’s Admissions Policy and Criteria.