Shared Education

What is Shared Education?
Shared Education “means the education together of—
(a)those of different religious belief, including reasonable numbers of both Protestant and Roman Catholic children or young persons; and
(b)those who are experiencing socio-economic deprivation and those who are not,
which is secured by the working together and co-operation of two or more relevant providers.
Shared Education Act (Northern Ireland) 2016

Benefits of Shared Education
• Benefits of Shared Education
• Delivers educational benefits to learners,
• promotes the efficient and effective use of resources,
• promotes equality of opportunity,
• good relations,
• equality of identity,
• respect for diversity,
• community cohesion.

As part of the Shared Education Signature Project (SESP), Grosvenor Grammar School, Lagan College and Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College, Knock are participating in a collaborative project to enhance the pastoral support programme in each school with a focus on building resilience among students. The overall outcome of the project is for students from the three schools to work together in the spirit of reconciliation to explore and understand a range of issues thus enhancing resilience for life’s challenges.

Students and staff from the three schools will work together on the project which will include a range of activities and workshops which will span over the course of three years.

After a very successful year with a group of Year 9 students from each of the schools we have been able to add another group of Year 9 students to the project.
The 2016-2017 group enjoyed a range of challenging workshops throughout the course of the year which covered YMCA Building Up, CEOP, AMH MensSana: Provoking Thought Workshop, Historic Tour of Belfast City and Stormont Buildings.

The new Year 9 group will experience a range of similar workshops this year and the Year 10 group will be developing knowledge and skills through new workshops including exam stress, cyberbullying and drugs awareness.