New Build


June 17th 2013 was a momentous day for Lagan College. Having started life with 28 pupils in a small scout hut in Ardnavalley, we were incredibly proud to finally move into our state of the art facilities.

Gallery – Key Day (June 17th 2013)

In 2003 Lagan College sought to be considered for a new build programme under the Department of Education’s Private Finance initiative. After many years in the planning, Education Minister Catriona Ruane confirmed that permission had been granted on 14th April 2011 to complete the permanent buildings on the Lisnabreeny site. On 17th June 2013 phase one commencement was completed providing the College with state of the art facilities fit for the 21st Century.

The students’ learning potential has been enhanced by signature spaces that boast of a new library, with panoramic views of the countryside, an Internet cafe, 11 E-learning suites, a new Music building, 2 Dance/ Drama studios, a well resourced Sixth Form study space and modern well equipped general classrooms.The build programme has also enabled the College to fully refurbish the existing Technology and Breeny main buildings.

The school is now a complete circle- inclusive of all and providing a warm, safe and pleasant learning environment for staff and students. At the heart of the school is the social heart inclusive of the stunning library and Chaplaincy led by our joint Chaplains representing the two major faith traditions.The vision of the founding parents and students has been finally been realised with a permanent Lagan College for many generations to come.

Construction Progress

We collected a lot of information and pictures during the construction progress. Some of our favourites are collected below.

An animated artists impression of how the new buildings were to look when completed:

June – August 2012

New courtyard construction – timelapse video.


Early August 2012

Major construction continues on the existing school…

July 2012

Major construction begins to refurbish the existing school.

May 2013

Student Council visit to the construction site!

April 2012

Support Staff visit the new school.

February 2012

October 2011

Groundbreaking Ceremony
Groundbreaking Ceremony – Programme
Groundbreaking Ceremony – Invite
New Build Announcement – Press Release