Head of Junior School: Mrs L Grant

Head of Senior School: Mrs D Carlisle

Head of Post-16 Studies: Mr S Hare

Head of Additional Education Needs: Mrs U Walters

The College has as a top priority the well being of all its students. All staff have pastoral responsibilities for the social, moral, academic and spiritual development of the students in their care. To achieve this end teachers in their role as Form Tutors are given specific pastoral responsibility for a group of 20 -30 students in their Form Class. They are members of a team consisting of all the Form Tutors of the same year group under the leadership of a Year Head. The Year Heads in turn form a team under the Head of Pastoral Care and the Head of Discipline.

The Form Tutor will care for the students in their Form Class through daily contact. They should be the first person to whom a student will turn for help or advice, although it may be necessary to refer a particular matter to the Head of Year, the Head of Junior/Senior School, or the Principal.

Pastoral Team

Head of Year 8
Mr L Mathison /
Dr C McConnell
Head of Year 9
Miss K Wightman /
Mr R Gray
Head of Year 10
Mrs L Mulholland

Assistant Head of Year
Mrs L Quigg
Year 8 Form Tutors

Miss M Cavanagh - 8CV
Miss C Haughian - 8CHN
Mrs G Diamond - 8DM
Miss F Goddard - 8FG
Mrs S Lyons - 8LY
Mrs P Surgenor - 8SGR
Miss F Smyth - 8FS
Mr P Rossi - 8RS
Year 9 Form Tutors

Mr D Mooney - 9MY
Mrs S Jones - 9JN
Mrs J Coudiere - 9CD
Mriss B Hasson - 9HSN
Mrs E Finnegan - 9FN
Mrs T Castillo - 9CLO
Mr P Privilege - 9PRV
Mrs T Knipe - 9KNP
Year 10 Form Tutors

Miss J Kennedy - 10KDY
Miss S Toner - 10ST
Miss G Fairley - 10FRL
Miss J Morgan - 10MRG
Ms E Niblock - 10NB
Mr G Connolly - 10CNL
Mrs E Quinn - 10QN
Miss A Magee - 10MGE
Head of Year 11
Miss J Rogan

Assistant Head of Year
Mr E MacManus
Head of Year 12
Mrs M Mills

Assistant Head of Year
Miss M Bell
Head of Post 16
Mr S Hare

Assistant Head of Year
Mr D Strain
Year 11 Form Tutors

Mrs M Beckett - 11BKT
Mrs N Major - 11MJR
Miss L Ellis - 11EL
Mr J Wishart - 11WHT
Mr R Cummings - 11RC
Miss M McConville - 11MCV
Miss R Jess - 11JS
Mrs G Shevlin - 11SH
Year 12 Form Tutors

Mr D Ewart - 12EW
Mrs D Fullerton - 12FLN
Mr M Navarrete - 12NVT
Miss M Hoy - 12HOY
Mr A McCanny - 12MNY
Ms N Danter - 12DNT
Mr D Platt - 12PLT
Mr D McLaughlin - 12CHP
Year 13/14 Form Tutors

Miss M Wells - 14WLS
Mr P Burch - 14BR
Mr J McCloskey - 14MCY
Miss R Morgan - 14MGN
Miss A Bell - 14BL
Mr K Graham - 13GHM
Mrs C Taggart - 13TAG
Mrs A Cowie - 13CW
Mrs H Smyth - 13SM
Mr F McGuckin - 13MGK